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Family Day

Family Day Held for Respect Classes Parents

Chinese New Year is a time for celebrating and sharing. Parents from the Respect classes came for a time of bonding and getting to know more about the CPS families.

Green Wave

CPS Clinched Merit Award in Sembcorp Marine's Green Wave Environmental Care Competition



Corporation Primary School has won the Merit Award with cash prize of $500 in the Primary School category of the competition. The winning project is titled “Waste Separator Bin” by a team of 4 students. They are Ng Li Yen, Jody Tng Jin Zi, Yap Zi Yu, Gong Hao Yue from Responsibility 1 (2014).




2015 School Re-opening Programmes for Parents




CPS organised a series of engaging programmes for parents as part of the school re-opening experience.


Lincoln Leong

Lincoln Leong Selected for Junior Red Lions Team for National Day




Our pupil, Lincoln Leong (Humility 1), was one of the winners of the Junior Red Lions Contest and as a result, he is one of the18 primary school pupils who have been selected to form the Junior Red Lions Team for National Day.

He attended training sessions with the Red Lions during the holidays, performing flight moves in air speeds of up to 300 km/h.