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         Pause Website Set Up to Inform the Public on Haze



National Environment Agency has set up to inform the public on haze and provide useful information on how to protect ourselves. 

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Haze FAQs

Get Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions from NEA



National Environment Agency has set up a FAQ webpage on to answer the public's frequently asked questions. 


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MOE's School Continuity Plan for Haze Situation 2013 FAQs



MOE has release a list of frequently asked questions regarding the haze situation 2013 and its School Continuity Plan. Click in to find out more.


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Road Safety Campaign

New Campaign to Promote Road Safety Awareness



There are three key thrusts to SFP’s Safer Roads Singapore action plan, which are Education, Engagement and Enforcement.  Each of these is mutually reinforcing in improving road safety by engendering a culture of safe and courteous road use.



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